Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday weigh in


This morning I weighed 81.2 kg, down 0.3 kg from last week. Not much, considering I was very "good" with my diet. I did go a bit over calories on a few days I suppose. And didn't exercise all week. Oh well. It's a loss. I was actually down to 80.5 kg mid-week but went up again.

Not happy with my whole appearance at the moment. Aside from being fat, I don't know what to do with my hair and my face has these deep lines from the corners of my mouth curving down so it's like I have a permanent sad/grumpy face. I'm hoping once the chubby cheeks get smaller those grooves will be less noticeable. I just don't feel at all attractive. I've always though I was a reasonably pretty person, but not now.

Well, I am doing something about it. Two weeks under my shrinking belt.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Aquarium and waxworks


Yesterday we had a family day at the Sydney aquarium and our version of Madame Tussaud's waxworks. Ping had a voucher that allowed her to take ten people so we had six adults, my two children and two toddlers. We've been there before not that long ago but it was mostly good, I'll get to the bad in a minute.

The aquarium includes a couple of those big tanks that you can walk under so the fish are swimming all around and over you.
 The waxworks were pretty convincing. Here are the kids hobnobbing with royalty...

And me with Katy Perry. The crown and wig are props, they had lots of those for photos. Now I think about it, I'm a little grossed out that I put on a wig that probably a hundred people have had on their greasy heads every day for year. Euw.

We had lunch at Italian restaurant, I had grilled fish. Still being good! Lots of unhealthy snacks had come out earlier and we also stopped for morning tea, but I said no and told everyone I was having no junk until Christmas. I'd brought some peanuts with me, I don't usually have morning tea these days but I knew we'd have a late lunch since everyone else had morning tea junk, so I was very glad I'd brought the nuts so I could last until then.

As we were walking back to our car after lunch we saw a lot of people staring at this building (tall glass one) and noticed a lot of ropes hanging down from one of those dark alcoves near the top. There was a sign saying this weekend only you had the chance to abseil down 44 floors! The little figure at the top is someone just starting their abseil. How terrifying! I abseiled a few times as a teenager, but nothing like so high as that.

Now for the bad of the day. The lesser was that we drove in to the city, because of delays and trackworks on the train (we almost never drive in due to traffic and difficulty parking). We got there ok but on the way home we got a bit lost and missed our way three times, going round and after about 20 mins literally driving past the parking station we'd started in! Our GPS was a bit confused about whether we were on the street or down in the cross-city tunnel (we were in the tunnel), and we missed a turn-off, and I was trying to navigate with my phone instead, and it was just a frustrating shambles. But we got home safely after rather longer than we'd expected.

The worse thing was that on the way into the city in the morning I started needing to urinate. I've talked before about having a small bladder but the drive was only 45 minutes, I'd gone to the toilet before we left and hadn't drunk much with breakfast, there was no reason for the suddenly urgency. We were on a busy highway with nowhere to stop until we got to our destination. Over 15 minutes or so it became extremely painful, I was getting desperate. By the time we got to our multi-story parking lot I felt that I literally could not wait until we found a toilet somewhere and I just crouched behind the car to pee! Luckily no one was about. Now that is something I never thought I'd do. How embarrassing.

Thursday, October 20, 2016



The tree demolition team were here most of the day, six men for six hours. Very very noisy; chainsaws and wood chippers and stump grinders. And looked dangerous at times!

We were left with this wasteland:

Both Tim and I felt quite guilty about the poor trees who had been here a lot longer than we had. Once the pool is in we'll be able to do a lot of planting, but it will take a while to grow.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016



I saw my GP (general practitioner/doctor) this morning, all good, she just told me what to look out for with infections. Really lovely day outside, I need to get out in it more. I chose instead to stay inside and actually get some writing/editing work done.

I tried to reheat the rest of that broccoli-base pizza for lunch. For some reason I found it disgusting. Nearly gagged after the first mouthful. So I had a tin of tuna and some vegetables instead.

Tree people are coming tomorrow to clear our backyard. That will be interesting.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016



One of the four heavily pregnant women in my family had her baby on Sunday (or Sat night maybe) and we just found out her name is Lucy. We haven't seen her yet, apparently she is a little small, not sure why as she is not early and her mother had gestational diabetes which is more likely to result in a large baby. I don't really have any details. Anyway, she is doing fine but still in hospital and we haven't seen her yet except for a cute photo. Crossed fingers everything works out well.

Another mostly-rest day for me but I did get out and do the grocery shopping and I'm fine really. I've made follow-up appointments with my GP and gyno.

I tried an interesting recipe for lunch - pizza with the base made out of broccoli. It took a long time but I suppose the dough kind does too. I food-processed the broccoli until it was rice sized, steamed it in the microwave, let it cool, mixed in an egg and some cheese, flattened it out, cooked it for 25 mins, added sauce cheese and shredded chicken and cooked it again. By this time it was 2:00 pm and it wasn't really seeming worth it! The crispy bits round the edge were pretty yummy but the whole middle was too moist and fell apart. I'd thought it was dry enough and didn't do the "squeeze the steamed broccoli in a tea towel" step. Silly me! I could get the same flavour by cooking some broccoli with cheese on it in the oven, so not sure if I will go through all that again. Still have half left though to reheat for another lunch.

I'm still going strong on the low carb Mediterranean diet, tonight I had my first square of (70% dark) chocolate for over a week, surely a new record!

Monday, October 17, 2016



This morning I weighed 81.5 kg, a loss of 2.3 kg from last week. That is a lot, and I'm very happy with it. I'd say it's about half from deliberate healthy eating/carb control and half from not eating much after the operation.

Feeling much better today. Not quite well enough to work - but well enough to be bored! I feel like I've been sitting around waiting for the day to end, which is a waste, but lacked energy to do more than watch TV.

Still, I continue to improve each day and expect to get back to normal any minute now.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

No rush


I thought I would feel a lot better today but I ended up spending most of the day in bed. Weirdly bloated and a bit queasy, very tired - I slept nearly all the time in bed - and still sore throat which I'll get something for tomorrow if I need to. I'm up now, will have a small dinner and watch my Sunday night TV then back to bed early. I know my body just needs to recover more from some pretty major drugs (general anaesthetic). Not trying to rush it.